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Device Performance Tests

What Happens During a Performance Test in the KSU Radon Chamber

When we receive your device(s), we will check to assure that all items and information required is available. If something is missing or incomplete, or we have questions, your device will be taken out of rotation and may not be processed on the intended date. Please review the Checklist before sending your device. 

  • All devices will be exposed for number of hours indicated in your request.
  • For devices requiring a 48 hour to 7 day exposure, a minimum constant radon concentration of 4 pCi/L, or higher will be used. Long-term devices will be exposed for 14 days at a constant radon concentration of 30pCi/L, or higher, to assure that a minimum exposure of 364 pCi/L days is achieved. 
  • The radon will be kept at a constant value (within 10% CV) during the exposure. The radon concentration will be verified at the beginning of exposure and at the end of exposure (and every 72 hours during exposure) by a pair of grab samples read with an EPA inter-compared measuring system.
  • The chamber temperature will be held to a constant 72 degrees (+/- one degree) and the humidity will be held between 20 % and 50% RH.
  • At the end of the exposure period, the device(s) will be shipped back to you for your analysis and reading using the shipping method you pre-paid (USPS STAMPS CANNOT be used for return shipping) and supplied.
  • The final report includes the temperature, barometric pressure and average humidity information appropriate to your exposure period.


Why we do Device Performance Tests

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  • Performance tests for working level meters
  • Any radon decay product measurement devices
  • We only calibrate EcoSense Radon Eye Pro devices

If your device needs calibration, you must return it to the manufacturer. Or contact Bowser-Morner Labs at (937) 236-8805, ext 249 for further information.

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