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NOTE: The KSU Radon Chamber is closed for the holidays December 22, 2021-January 3, 2022. Any device received after December 15, 2021 will be processed in January. KSU cannot receive packages after December 20, 2021.

To schedule chamber services or for specific shipping instructions,
please call us at (785) 532-4996 or email us at

    purple background white words. Device Performance Tests. Required for NRPP certification. start at $150
    diamond pattern background with the word Spikes in the center and minimum: 3 underneath and start at: $30/each at the botoom
    Radon Test Devices used by NRPP certified professionals must be NRPP-approved
    Spikes help test the accuracy of the laboratory used by a professional radon measurement technician and are required by the measurement quality assurance plan
    Device Performance Tests are required for each device an NRPP certified individual will use professionally
    NRPP Certification Applications are now online only

    KSU Radon Chamber  |  IEMA Laboratory RNL2018202  |  NRPP Certification ID Number SC-1006 AARST-NRPP Blue and Orange Swoosh and Arrow Logo with Tagline: Radon Professionals Saving Lives